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Long Shot is a romantic comedy movie starring Seth Rogen whose character’s name is Fred Flarsky and the very beautiful actress Charlize Theron known as Charlotte field. The film is about a woman who is aspiring to be the first female President of the United States of America and a journalist who uses a lot of profanity even in his articles and a risk taker. The two known each other when they are teenagers and reunited in an event following an adventure (more of like a tour to different countries) and all of a sudden falls in love. Sounds cliché isn’t it? But I like the movie because of its humour and the characters are very likable. I didn’t even pause the movie since its very entertaining to watch.

Here is the summary and my impressions of the movie:

The movie begins with a man that is discussing about fighting for their rights and called themselves white power and introduced the new recruit in their group, not knowing that this person only went undercover. He socializes with the group and ask them many questions. While playing with some of the guys, he was asked to get a swastika tattoo and he willingly said yes. Unfortunately his identity was known by one of the members and found out that he was a journalist, his name is Fred Flarsky and writes for the news site The Brooklyn Advocate, and that he is also Jewish. Fred tried to escape holding tightly to his phone that has been recording the situation inside, he leaps out a window hitting a car as he lands and still managed to run.

I think this part of the movie shows how divided American people are, they are a group of white people that despises those people who is marching for their right, and those are the black people who had a slogan that says “Black lives Matter” and those people from LGBTQ community that fights gender equality. This white supremacy also hates the Jews. It seems as if their goal is to be heard by the American people but then they discriminate those who are not their alike. There are a lot of discrimination in this movie.

In the next scene we see Fred inside a bar and working in his story regarding the white supremacy that he just attended to a while ago. While he is engaged in his work the television shows a news about the youngest Secretary of State in the history of America and the 2 male reporters making a comment about her saying that she is “looking hotter than usual”, the other reporter said “we respect women so much and we start with their bodies” and their female colleague saying that they are terrible. This shows sexism, people must stop doing that. Men are different from women we know that, but that doesn’t mean we won’t value equality among other gender anymore. Just because a female leader is doing a good job that doesn’t mean that men could gush over her body. Every women deserves to be respected. I wish men could stop being such a pervert and just keep their lust to their own.

We were then introduced to a very busy woman, she is the Secretary of State Charlotte Field. She enters a meeting with President Chambers and told her that he will not be seeking re-election because he wants to transition from TV roles to film, and he is looking for a replacement despite only being in the middle of his first term. Charlotte convinced President Chambers that endorsing a female candidate for president would leave him with a great legacy before leaving, and so he decides to give her his endorsement. Charlotte leaves the room and couldn’t hide her happiness that she swayed a little while walking. After that she had a meeting with her team and discusses her current stand. During the meeting they discussed about the statistics of her personality traits showing her humor as her lowest point and they wanted that to go higher. Field suggest that she wants to showcase her accomplishments to people and wanted to advocate in the environment, but her suggestion was not given much importance, instead they continued with the discussion and proceed with her romantic life pairing her up to the Canadian Prime Minister and explaining how it could get her points higher, they even criticized her wave because it was very awkward.

While I’m watching this scene in the movie it kind of felt as if being a politician is so stressful. If this is really how a politician strategize their campaign, I mean looking to your personality traits and changing them in order to be accepted by the people? It kinda sucks for me. I just hope that all politicians will do their own thing and be accepted by people as who they are and serve the country with all they can.

Fred submitted his piece on white supremacy to his boss saying that he almost died. This is when his boss told him that they were already bought by Wembley Media. Fred was infuriated because he hates Wembley and everything he represents, and Fred feels that he would turn their paper into a propaganda machine. He promptly quits even though he knew the consequences of leaving the company.

I think Fred is the kind of journalist who would hold on tight to his pride and beliefs. During the first part of the movie it was shown how risky being a journalist is and Fred wanted to be the writer that he wants to be, to freely speak his mind and voice out his opinion. He did not want to be a part of the Wembly Media because he knew that this guys are the worst.

Fred was so stressed out about losing his job that he called his best friend to Lance to cheer him up. Lance, who is a manager in his company, leaves for the day and he even give all of the employees a day off to help his best friend.

I love how Lance handles the situation, how he comfort his friend and even make all of his employees happy, well not everybody, since Ted was taking the bagels that was supposed to be given to every employees. Not cool Ted! I wonder if there are people like Lance in real life that a great best friend and the best manager.

Fred and Lance went to an event to see Boyz II Men. Charlotte is also there with Tom and Maggie. Fred and Charlotte caught each other’s eyes among the crowd and all of a sudden Fred rushes outside. Lance followed and asks Fred what happened, and it turns out that Lance knew Charlotte and she was his babysitter when he was 13 and she was 16, and he had a huge crush on her. Charlotte’s bodyguard then steps outside to tell Fred that Charlotte wants to see him. And this is the point where Fred’s life will change.

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