Girl from Nowhere Series Review

Girl from Nowhere is a Thai-language television series about a young lady named Nanno. Nanno is the sort of young lady you would prefer not to go to your school. At the point when she moves, she is there to uncover the wrongdoings and treacheries around school. Every scene has things that occur in the consistently world and really uncovers these things.

Nanno is a mysterious and clever girl who should be avoided when she’s in the area. She transfers to different schools, and when she lands at a new institution, she exposes the lies and misdeeds of the students and faculty at every turn. The girls Nanno encounters often want to try to destroy her, but she always has the upper hand. When a student with a girlfriend gets mistakenly linked to Nanno, he becomes a social media sensation. After the truth about Nanno’s high school life is revealed, she makes sure there are no happy endings.

Episode 1: Ugly Truth

Nanno transfers to a school that has recently earned the title “Purest School of the Year.” However, she soon learns about the dark secrets surrounding the school. As she prepares to assist a teacher, Mr. Win, with a yoga video for meditation at school, she finds herself at the hands of a child predator. Nevertheless, Nanno chooses to play along with his little game. She quickly turns the tables by getting close with his family. Now, the tutor of Mr. Win’s daughter, Nanno uses her as a bait to lure him; consequently, sending explicit videos of him taking advantage of his students to his family. Ultimately, Mr. Win loses everything including his daughter.

In this episode you can easily tell that Nanno knows that something is going on in this school. What she did with Mr. Win is somewhat strategic and I might say that she is a clever girl. Mr. Win is a pedophile, some people might say that they don’t deserve to live and should have a death sentence. Just the thought of a grown mantaking advantage of a young girl disgusts me. Nanno exposed him and he deserves that. But I do feel bad with Mr. Win’s daughter. She is a sweet girl that looks up to his father but unfortunately the father he idolizes is a horrible person, her death is an emotional twist. The first episode is great and it made me want to watch more. It managed an exceptionally hefty subject, and one that can make individuals awkward. It tackles pedophiles in a school setting, as well as abortion of the predator’s child. There is some substantial scenes in this one, obviously there is a great deal of sexualization of student.

Episode 2: Apologies

Nanno is immediately pursued by three popular boys in the school’s basketball team. Nanno becomes acquainted with two other female students, namely I-Tim and Taew, who are infatuated with the boys. The two becomes insecure and envy of the attention the boys are giving Nanno. As a result, I-Tim and Taew agrees to throw a party with Nanno and the boys; who intent on getting her drunk enough to make their way with her. With a high tolerance for alcohol, the girls decide to drug Nanno with sleeping pills. One of the boys begins to take advantage of Nanno and strangles her in fear, which ends up “killing” her. Anxious, the group decides to bury her lifeless body to avoid getting caught. However, Nanno regains consciousness. As she does, the group decides to bury her alive. Much to their surprise, Nanno arrives in school, alive and well, with no signs of the night before.

I think the popular boys represent a lot of teenage guys nowadays. They see someone pretty or hot, and all they talk about is how to get her into having sex or fantasizing about her. It won’t hurt them to have a little respect doesn’t it? Guys can fantasize all they want but getting to the point where they rape her went too far. There was a scene where Nanno was raped and I thought that she is a psycho because she is laughing while she’s being raped. This is the episode where you wonder who and what Nanno is? Because she is obviously not a human.

Episode 3: Trophy

Nanno transfers to Lerdvithi School. A school that has won the “Most Outstanding School” award. They are known for its genius and talented students. On the other hand, Mew, is an ordinary student with no special abilities. She quickly becomes envy of her surroundings and feels inferior. However, Nanno talks her into cheating the system. Mew began stealing various artworks online; add small details, and claims it as her own. It doesn’t take long as she becomes a “genius” under false terms. When the school hosts an open house program, Mew is asked to create an artwork on-stage. In fear of getting caught, she decides to break her dominant arm with hammer and proceeds to frame her childhood friend. Few days after the incident, the teachers have decided to let Mew go on-stage as she had stated in her recent post on social media that she can create artworks with her non-dominant hand.

I think Mew is fixated wannabe genius. She can paint by duplicating others work. The school deliberately ignored her offenses. they won’t acknowledge the way that the Siam Arts Association and Lerdvithi School had been tricked by a simple student through plagiarism. I believe she’s just tricking herself by pretending to be someone that she’s not. If only she took more time to develop her skills instead of cheating then maybe she would feel that she deserves the awards and recognition that she gets.

Episode 4: Hi-So

Dino is considered the “richest” student in school, among with his friends: Whan, Pop, Tap & To. Nanno transfers in the same school and has bought an empty room for her business. Nanno’s business immediately became popular among students.

Few circumstances later; as Dino and his acquaintances look for a place to spend time, Nanno suggests to hang out in Dino’s place. Dino rejects Nanno’s suggestion but was pressured by his friends. At some point, it was revealed that Dino’s family was penniless and heavily in debt. In order to facade that he is “rich”, Dino seeks help from Nanno to rent a mansion, in exchange of ฿200.000. Dino procceeds to deposit his parent’s money without permission to pay Nanno.

Dino takes his friends including Nanno to his “mansion” and to his surprise, the servants working in the mansion were his parents. Nevertheless, his parents kept quiet. The group eventually finds a gun and decides to play Russian roulette. The one who gets shot would receive ฿1.200.000. Since everyone missed the bullet, Dino’s chances of winning were high. However, at the last minute, Dino’s father intervenes. Pissed, Pop beats both of Dino’s parents up. As compensation for the injuries, Pop later on pays ฿350.000 for both Dino’s parents.

The greater part of us are brought into the world with the craving to live better and in a more agreeable circumstance than we are brought into the world with, and in this scene, the turn itself appeared suddenly and it is about decisions. Truly we don’t pick what we are given, however we can pick how to utilize/abuse it or respond to it. The characters in this scene picked and needed to live with the outcomes. But on account of the parents, it was a decision pushed by a need. So here, it demonstrates that the decisions we make, particularly the awful ones, are now and then not due to an impulse (like Dino’s), yet of an explanation. For hell’s sake, it doesn’t legitimize the deed, however makes the explanation by one way or another justifiable. The affection for parents, is truly incomprehensible. As children, we used to satisfy our companions more than our folks and now in adulthood, it looks so senseless how we can understand to accomplish something to that effect.

Episode 5: Social Love

The whole student body begins to romantically link Nanno, and the most popular boy in school, Hann. The pair was later on nicknamed “Hanno”; immediately leading people to make a fan page of them on social media. However, Hann’s girlfriend, Yui, begins to question their relationship. Instead of putting “Hanno” to an end, Hann continued on with it for the “likes”. At some point, Hann denies having a relationship, and ends up asking Nanno to be his girlfriend. As a result, Hann’s “real” girlfriend, Yui, became the third party between “Hanno”, and people began to despise her. Things quickly heat up with Nanno and Yui. Yui invites Nanno at the school roof and begins to beat her up with a shovel. Ultimately, Nanno praises Yui and jumps off the roof which leaves her in a vegetative state. Leaving Hann to take care of Nanno for the rest of his life.

Episode 6-7: The Wonderwall

Nanno’s presence at school and her participation in soccer practice meddles with Bam’s attempts to get close with her crush. Out of frustration, she writes a juvenile insult about Nanno on a toilet cubicle wall, only for her statement to come true.

Abandoning the lighter moments of its preceding episode, part of this episode’s strength is its urgency around Bam’s story. The second entry of ‘Wonderwall’ really earns its final moments of horror as Bam discovers the extent of what she’s done and must live with the consequences of her actions.

This is another of the better episodes. It was Bam chasing after O attempting to stand out enough to be noticed and being envious and irate of every other person. The second part truly exhibits the outcomes of the activities of utilizing the wonderwall. More than anything, turning into the last person on Earth, just to vanish yourself, that is a serious result.

Episode 8: Lost & Found

With its central story revolving around a teenager, TK, who shoplifts and gets into trouble at school just to get the attention of his absent father, ‘Lost & Found’ is also significant in that, for the first time in the series, viewers glimpse that demon child Nanno is perhaps capable of having a heart.

The entire ambience of the episode was just so different from the rest, the intensity of the emotions brought forth by TK and Nanno was just so overwhelming and alluring. words just can’t describe how much I loved the whole cinematography of this episode. especially the sunset scene where Nanno and TK shared a kiss, or when they were both running away and rested at an alley to share a drink and a few laughs, and when they both bid goodbye.

Episode 9: Trap

Nanno’s arrival at her new school coincides with the appearance of an escaped prisoner who murders their way around campus. As news gets around, a teacher, his daughter, and some of his students all find themselves trapped in a classroom, waiting until it is safe to come out. Nanno is among the students and manipulates everyone trapped with her, thus bringing out the worst in their characters.

I figure this might have been something like from the film “Murder on the Orient Express”. The three individuals that got out completely had some aggregate motivation to either need to hurt him or take revenge. It’s like sort of considering them three just to end up showing up when the rest of the young ladies escaped the room and they just so happen to not comprehend what occurred too. But on the other hand we should not overlook that two of the young ladies in the room are close with Kaew which is the young lady that was pushed out. That entire homicide may have been arranged from the beginning, and consider that they all decided in favor of Koh to leave. I likewise thought that it was odd that Kaew was the person who opened the entryway with no contention. It appears to be excessively explicit. What’s more, when she face coordinated her companions educating them regarding the circumstance, she truly might have quite recently returned to the room and held up outside or well leave. Next we have the jealous boyfriend who, by a long shot, has the pettiest explanation behind leaving the room. That not too far off is now a warning. Lastly we have the instructor. The one who claims he’ll search for help at the danger of deserting his little girl.  At last we have the remainder of the young ladies leaving the room out of fear and really that whole ordeal of going out was really quite illogical. They heard the shout, which we can accept that is from Koh and they just chose to leave. Obviously we need to leave out Sa as a conspirator since we can inform she really minds concerning his whereabouts and status. They leave the room and lo and Kaew just jumps all of a sudden from what other place yet the washroom saying Koh’s been murdered. Abruptly we simply have the instructor and the beau jump out off no place to the washroom also. They all accept it was the chronic executioner however then we get the news.

From the earliest starting point of the scene we see that in a real sense everybody there, with the exception of Sa and Nanno, has resentment on Koh. The entirety of the contentions that lead them in the room circumstance are seemingly a direct result of Koh too. I accept his passing was done not by a killer but rather killers. Also I am including the little girl as a conspirator considering she may have had reception when they went out of the room but claimed otherwise to protect her father, somehow aware of what he has done. Yet, do think about this while taking other factors into consideration cause actually this is simply under my speculation thinking about what occurred inside that room was truly an all-out mob against Koh.

Episode 10: Thank You Teacher

Thank You Teacher is another episode that takes a unique approach. In this episode, we follow Ms. Aum, an overly strict teacher with a jealousy problem. She focuses solely on her work as a teacher, yet she is jealous of Ms. Pim. You see Ms. Pim is adored by all the students and always receives the Most Popular Teacher Award. In a way, this isn’t a great representation of teachers. Everyone loves her because they can easily get her off topic and end up not learning anything in class. She is very self-centered, so any time she is asked a question, she just talks about herself on and on. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have Ms. Aum. She is the kind of teacher that doesn’t share personal details, and will not deviate from the curriculum in any fashion. She is the definition of a strict teacher. We learn that Ms. Aum has some issues of her own apart from her stubbornness. See, she had a son and a husband. Until one day, her husband left to live with another woman. Alone with her child, she becomes overly harsh on him. Always talking negative about his father in front of him. Forcing him to do homework nonstop. This kid doesn’t get a childhood. He spends it doing homework. Ms. Aum is like this toward everyone, not just her son. She gets into an argument with a cashier because incorrect change. She is just a nasty person. It all reaches its peak when her son says that he misses his dad. It is clear that this kid is terrified of his mother. What we find out a little later is that she killed her son when he said he wanted to live with his dad. Then the cherry on top, her ex husband is found guilty of getting a student pregnant. The woman can’t take anymore, and finally snaps. The director of the school tells her to take time off until the news calms down. While leaving, she stabs a student with an ink pen. She is really just extremely mentally unstable. After she is forced to leave the school because of all the stress she is under. Ms. Aum heads off to the teacher assembly. This is where Best Teacher and new deputy director of the school will be announced. At the teacher assembly, she starts to open fire on everyone there, students and teachers alike.

She thinks that the entire school is ruining the education system, so she killed them all in the sake of justice. She is convinced she did the right thing through and through. In the last moments, she ends up killing herself as well.

Episode 11: The Rank

The Rank follows an all-girls school that ranks the students by their beauty. As it is stated in their mission statement, “Beauty is everything to a woman.” In this school, there is a top 10 beautiful students. It is here that these girls get special treatment. They get to live in a beautiful house and live the most lavish lifestyle you can imagine. Their images are updated in real time, so if anything happens to their faces, the app will update almost instantaneously. The only girls who are allowed in the home are those that live there (unless you are invited in). Nanno comes to see the true nature of the girls and do her thing. It doesn’t take long either. After learning that Nanno is number 11, the number 10 girl gets nervous. The following day, Nanno takes tenth and that is when things take a turn. The fight for the top ten slots and Shining Star starts to turn into a bloodbath for lack of better words. Girls start stabbing each other in the back left and right. They start by shoving Nanno off a swing. Then things start to escalate from there. Everything from cutting off girls’ hair, dying their skin, even putting fire ants in their towels. If you can think of it, these girls probably did it to secure their spot in the the top 10.

There are people that are very much obsessed with their looks that they would go to lengths like this in order to keep their vanity intact. The concept really kept me entertained and engaged. I also loved the twist of an ending. It was such a rewarding ending considering all the selfishness and vanity the viewer had to deal with in this episode.

Episode 12 – 13: Bff

A reunion party is being held for the former students of Grade 12-1 after 12 long years. Most of them were able to have successful careers after graduating: Thap is now a pilot and is married to his childhood sweetheart, Fong; Proud is now a flight attendant; Bell is now an owner of a cosmetic company; Wit is now an energy engineer; Meng is now a fashion photographer; Chai is now a bodybuilding athlete; Kai is now a doctor. Few circumstances later, the class decides to open the time capsule they have buried 12 years ago. One by one, they receive their valuables, until they find an extra item: a cellphone. Fong later reveals that Nanno was the owner of the mentioned item.

During their 10th grade, Nanno was known for being a psychopath. Nanno was always seen talking with her boyfriend “Tan” on her cellphone as she had no friends in the campus. Nevertheless, Fong, Proud & Bell tried to befriend her. Out of curiosity, the three checks Nanno’s phone, only to find out that she was talking to the void. Right after that incident, rumors started to spread and people began to make fun of her.

Back in the present, everybody wonders about Nanno’s whereabouts, but most of them thinks that she is now in a mental institute. Thap & Fong tries to open Nanno’s phone and much to everybody’s surprise, the phone is still working. Subsequently, Nanno appears on the screen projector and introduces herself. Out of nowhere, a wine glass breaks into pieces as it falls on the ground. Nanno proceeds to pick up the broken glass which surprises everyone. Nanno introduces herself for the second time and began exposing each and everyone’s dirty secrets on-screen. Meng was revealed to use his photography career to take advantage of underage women; Chai dosed on steroids which causes him to lose his title; Wit ran away from his crime and was revealed to have paid someone to stay in his place inside prison; Kai does money laundering; Bell sells fake cosmetics and got called out by a client; Fong is diagnosed with depression and secretly does self-harm; the last secret revealed was that Thap was actually “Tan”, Nanno’s boyfriend.

After revealing their dark secrets, Nanno reveals that Fong had already known that her boyfriend, Thap, is “Tan”. Fong, Belle, and Proud had started the rumour that Nanno was talking to the void in order to get revenge.

Back in their 10th grade, Nanno had received a text from Thap to meet him in their “meeting place”. However, Fong was the one who sent the message using Thap’s phone. Nanno arrives in their meeting place but was ambushed by one of her classmates and attempted to suffocate her with a plastic bag. Several others also came to beat Nanno with blunt objects. Thap arrives and he sees Nanno badly injured; Fong appears but much to her dismay, Thap ends their relationship due to her violence. Not wanting to accept what had happened, Fong pulls out a sharp knife and slits her wrists, forcing Thap to never leave her, until present day. Thap leaves the place with Fong without caring for Nanno.

The next secret Nanno reveals is that Thap was having an affair with Fong’s best friend, Proud, which makes Fong furious and began beating her best friend. Thap stops their brawl and angrily pushes Fong to the ground. However, it was revealed that Fong was 3 months pregnant with their child and ended up having a miscarriage due to the incident.

The last secret Nanno reveals is that she had injected poison in their drinks; and the only cure is in her hands. Everybody starts fighting each other over the cure. Eventually, Chai injects the cure in himself. Not wanting to die, the ones left alive started stabbing Chai and proceeded to drink a portion of his blood. Out of nowhere, a laughing Nanno apologizes because the “poison” she had injected in their drinks was a bluff. Sooner or later, everyone becomes unconscious as Nanno exits the area.

The next morning arrives, everyone wakes up with no signs of the chaos from the night before. Confused about everything, they deemed what had happened that night a “nightmare”. However, they see the syringe(cure) Nanno was holding which indicates that it was real. Consequently, Nanno appears on the screen projector and begins to laugh maniacally, making everyone leave immediately. At the end of the episode, Nanno recapitulates everything she has experienced throughout the series, and warns everyone to be prepared as she might be the new student at your school.

Everything from the events that led up to Nanno getting revenge on this class to the finale ending. I don’t think there was a single time I had any idea what was going to happen next! I loved that about the episode. I don’t like being able to predict things. I also loved that this episode gave a clear motivation as to why Nanno chose this group.

Nanno resembles a divine being who simply loves to let reality come out. She appreciates playing with individuals, looking as their own personal decisions achieve their destruction (generally). The makers guarantee she isn’t human since she has no feeling or compassion, however I think scene 8 refutes that in that her activities lead to a good result for her objective. I think that Nanno is basically a fantasy that an individual may have if they somehow want a supernatural forces and godlike powers. Yet, this individual must have a negative point of view toward mankind. They would have been hurt very much, the same way Nanno was hurt in the last episode.

She’s not Satan’s daughter or karma. In the event that you watch the trailer, you will become more acquainted with that these scenes depend on genuine functions. Nanno speaks to the casualty in each and every scene. It’s an exceptional interpretation of the result of the circumstance.

Imagine a scenario where the casualty could take care of the circumstance, that would oppose the reason for victimhood.  I think Nanno is the representation of victims who goes for retribution rather than falling prey to the circumstances bestowed upon her.

Nanno really reminded me of shonen bat/little slugger from paranoia agent. a result of individuals’ darkest feelings/retained dark emotions, but with her own goals and mind, and a supernatural knowledge of the most twisted way to set things right, but in a way that is as yet untrustworthy, for example with Mew.

So considering in the thing kitty said about her resembling the little girl of satan or the snake from the nursery of eden, I’d prefer to think Nanno is something like a the dark thoughts that people hold back, and exists to test how strong those thoughts are and whether or not people are willing to hold them back under their own power since, if someone else sanctifies/encourages it, a lot of people will do some pretty horrible things

concerning straightforward what she really is, I think she is the form of our deepest and darkest feelings. That additionally may clarify how she acted in episode 8, since she expected to find dark feelings and what she got instead was loneliness masquerading as darkness.

Overall, for me Girl from Nowhere is a series of different episodes full of twist and unexpected things. Aside from that every story could be interpreted in so many different ways. Moral story in each episode makes us think about everything that is happening in each scene.

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