Book review about the Japanese book ” After making company in China, I got screwed over.”

This is a book review about the Japanese book ” After making company in China, I got screwed over.”

Recently there are a lot of news shows about Donald Trump against Chinese people and it is quite interesting news for me.
I thought Chinese behavior is different than other nationalities. I know China and Japan are non-Western countries and we both use Kanji characters and our cultures are almost similar.
However, China and Japan have differences as well, As you know Trump is openly hostile to Chinese government, I read some Japanese books also showing Chinese weird behaviors.
Also in Japan, Chinese workers steal company’s resources and I think stealing is just normal for other Chinese people.
The author of this book was living in China and he was fooled by Chinese people.
Author said that Chinese workers are very lazy and some workers steal money from companies. It is very common.
Also the author did some work but he couldn’t get money because his Chinese client didn’t pay him. It is also common for them to deceive others.
Some Chinese people don’t trust their fellow Chinese people.
Also Author put up his own company, but a Chinese employee tried to take over his company.
Author said, ” We shouldn’t think that Chinese are same with us because they have experienced a lot of betrayals since they were born. They can’t live without lie.”
This sounds like Chinese people do crime very commonly. There are some news that can support his allegation, such as Back entrance admission, Chinese spy of Huawei and so on. Also, my Chinese classmates hack a lot of software. He might buy its software or get it, so I believe Author’s experiences.
The author of the book also said that Chinese people are good at taking revenges because he had experienced revenges from them
I believe it because recently Chinese government avenged on America about Huawei issue.
This book is showing some criticism about Chinese people, but it is true.

My Chinese friends are nice people and I know not every Chinese is bad. Some people are very kind and I respect them as a human. However, China is a big country, I think there are a lot of bad environment for education and children. People don’t believe Chinese foods and products and when they help people, they be sued. Children are abducted for their organs. Probably Chinese people can’t get trust from other people because of their bad reputation. I believe they will change their bad environment and attitude in the future.

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