Homeless in America

I think Homeless problem  in America is more serious than other countries. There are a lot of homeless people around San Francisco, and it seems to increase gradually. . I heard that they earn not than $70 per day from  begging. I’m not sure exactly if they beg for it or get it by force. However, they might get money  to survive each day and they might get food from people as well. It is not bad to lend hand sometimes but homeless might not be work forever if we still give them their necessities. They might think being  vagrant is a job already.  Also, I and my friends have experienced some dangerous situation in meeting homeless people.   They’re threatening the people if they don’t give them money. I still remember when I encountered one of them, the guy was in front of me  and he secretly showed his knife. He was not afraid even there are a lot of people walking. I stunned and I couldn’t go away from him because I was scared a little. We stared each other for few seconds and then I realized that he wasn’t going to kill me and he just showed his knife as a threat to get money.  I didn’t give money to him and I left him, but if I was a girl, I would give money to him.

Also, there are homeless children in the US and it is weird for me. I know there are a lot of homeless in the world and even in Japan, but existing homeless children are not good.

America has advanced economy and already a developed country, but there are a lot of problems. I don’t know why there are a lot of homeless people in the US.  Also, I don’t know why  my friend’s car window was crushed by someone.

I don’t want to think that homeless did it, but I had a bad experience because of them.

I remember one of these homeless guys I saw on the street, our eyes were accidentally met  and there were no other people around. He said that, “  Okay, I will do something to you.” in a  very loud voice, but I didn’t say anything because I already afraid that he would do something bad to me. Also, other homeless shouted and cursed me because I refused to give them money.

I think America and China in terms of economic inequality, they both have the huge gap between the rich and the poor. They lose control to their people. The problem is  not only economic inequality but also the education gap.   Chinese people think China is number one and American people also think America is number one.  There are a lot of fake foods in China and there are a lot of disappointed foods in the US.  Also, there are a lot of Chinese people in the US. America might become second China in the future.

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