The handyman makes a lot of mess in my room.

After I came back to America from Japan, I saw my window opened but

I closed it before I left America, so it was weird.

I understand that my landlord sent someone to fix my window and probably, he forgot to close it after he fixed it. The handyman tighten the screw at wrong position, so window can’t close.

I called my landlord and he said he will send someone to my room to fix the problem. So, I didn’t make some plans in the morning and waited for him to come, but no came to my room.

I wanted to go out in the morning, I wanted to go to the restaurant for lunch, I wanted to go to super market in the morning ,but he didn’t come and my time was wasted waiting for someone to fix my window.  He came here over 2 pm. It was ridiculous. He ate his lunch and then he came here.  I thought that American people usually don’t keep a promise.
And I thought he can fix it by himself, but he asked me to help his work.  I was disappointed. He is a professional, but he needed my support.

Suddenly, he used a small electric saw and he cut the side of the window a little and then a gust of wind picks up some wood dust These dust went inside my mouth and in my room.

My room was became messy again.  The handyman apologized for that and said , “This is the best way”, but after he fixed the window he left with a great confidence. He didn’t clean  around my window.
Also, I could understand why he didn’t bring a goggle and mask.  He spat the wood dust on the ground.  I thought my window didn’t need to be cut, it might be a screw problem.

After he left, I opened its window to test open and close and the I wasn’t  able to close its easily.

He is not a professional guy for me.

There are a lot of irresponsible  people in the US, so it is funny and I can enjoy, but sometimes I was disappointed.

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