America is a dangerous country for me

This is just my opinion.
America is a dangerous country for me. I’m from Japan. I didn’t know about America that much. There are many bad people who steal from foreigners, tourists and even their fellow men. They not only rob money but also car.

I think matured countries usually have a very low crime rates. Not matured country has many problems about their citizen lives. And they need to deal with them.

There isn’t any  perfect country in the world, but I think America has serious problems. Having a normal life is people’s right. If people have problems with money, health, personal lives, the government should support them. For example, America’s hospital is very expensive. Some people can’t go to hospital. Also, Hospital doesn’t accept all the insurance. It is frustrating and disappointing. It seems like not everyone has the right to have good health. Some people can’t pay expensive hospital fees and if they don’t have insurance, they can’t get enough consultation. I think every people should take enough consultation, even though they don’t have money because it is a human right.

America’s human rights have a lot issues they have formed by crazy capitalism. In Japan, I don’t need to pay expensive hospital fee, I can go to hospital without reservation because it is my right. Health care must be affordable and comprehensive for everyone, and physically accessible where and when needed. Everyone has the right to the health care they need.

Another example, Someone broke into someone’s car. I have never seen this situation in Japan. Why people want to break into other cars in America? Probably, very poor people exist and Government doesn’t help them. Government should support those poor people to save our lives and their lives. I can’t understand why Government doesn’t help them. Helping poor people bring peace in our lives, community and developing our economy.

In Japan, Government is not perfect, Government can’t help every person, but NPO or some communities help them. Number of poor people are fewer in Japan than in America. This means it is not money because surviving in America needs a lot of money, but surviving in Japan doesn’t need too much money. America’s economy is increasing compared to Japan and Japan is in a recession for a long time. However, America has a lot of dangers more than in Japan because the gap between the rich and poor is extremely huge.

America’s people want to be physically strong because they want to survive the danger in the US. They need to be strong enough to protect themselves and loved ones.  Strong sounds good, but  it sounds like a poor environment for people. No one can’t help you, Government can’t help and every result came from yourself. You are responsible to yourself.   It sounds like “ Sengoku period” in Japan. Sengoku period is the age of provincial wars.  People had encountered living problem, they had to be strong because there were not enough welfare.  America looks like mixing of Sengoku period, freedom and capitalism.

When I arrived in America, I was surprised, street is not clean. Street has crack a lot, it looks like lack of repair. I think crimes come from bad environment, such as Scribbles, garbage, smell and crack of street and so on. I think Criminal chose not clean place because clean place shows crime easily and criminal can’t hide themselves. There are many garbage on the street, street shows crack and it makes me think anybody don’t care about the street.  There are graffiti and it might bring criminal. I know it is America’s problem and it is difficult to solve. Especially, houses have cages. Cages make me feeling bad.  America is dangerous.

People have to be strong is they want to enjoy  their lives.  If you like to be strong, it is fine. I like to be strong, but not too much. However, American’s people looks like that they are obsessed with  being strong.

Also, foods have problem for me.  I think every foreigners have the same problem if they stay in different countries. Americans love Americans foods, Chinese love Chinese foods and Japanese love Japanese foods. Their food  is preference is different compared to people in different countries. For example,  I can’t eat their sweet food a lot, too sweet for me and I’m afraid I might get a toothache.   When I drink sweet beverages, I  feel like I want to vomit. Also, when I eat chips, I was shivering because it was too salty. I know there are many different chips in America.  I can eat some chips and I can’t eat too much salty chips. I thought I was going to die. Also I love bread, but there are a few bakery shop in America.  I went to a very famous bakery shop and I ate popular bread. I felt bad. It was too oily.  Unfortunately, I can’t eat cheese my friend brought me  to his favorite restaurant, but many foods have cheese. I can’t eat. America’s people like to eat cheese. Of course, Japanese people love cheese, but I can’t.

Also, I have experienced to get food poisoning in America. In Japan there is also some case of food poisoning, but I have never experienced it. Foreigners have a lot of stress because of different cultures, rules, languages and so on. If I am tired with some stress, I get food poisoning easily.

Another thing is cleanliness, it far different.  My America teachers wash their mouths using toilet water and they use that water in washing their dishes as well.  I was surprised. It is dirty and I thought what is cleanliness in the world? A few years ago,  toilet water has been used to make coffee in one Starbucks outlet in Hong Kong. It was a big news for me. However, some restaurants might use toilet water in America because some people wash using toilet water. When I go to some restaurants, sometimes I constantly have to go to  the restroom. Probably. Cleanliness is different. America’s people might be stronger than me. I was living in a clean area in Japan. Air is clean, food qualities are good. I was easy to get sick, so I had to move to clean area. However, America is different.  I have to be strong and I have to manage my body condition, so America is dangerous for my body, but I like America’s education and people.

If I have America’s girlfriend, I might get sick easily because Americans don’t take a shower every day.

Interestingly, America’s toilet is bigger than in Japan. When I used toilet in America, I thought I might fall it down into the toilet.  Now, I am used to using the toilet in America. America’s restroom has many spaces, like under side door. I understand it is security issues. America is dangerous.

Every foreigners have encountered some difficulties.
I like America and I enjoy America’s life.

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