Surprising thing in the U.S, the appearance of the ants

There is one thing that surprises me while  I’m living  here in the US. One of them is that ants appear in your room.

Ants come here to look for food, so the fact that ants appear in the room means that your room is dirty. Small pieces of food make the room dirty and cause the appearance of the ants.  There may be small holes in the house, leaks, insect infestation, or other problems with the building. It could be any of these. However, my room is clean and I take care to clean it so that no food falls on it.

Even if there is no food on the floor, ants are attracted by the smell, they will enter through a small hole.

In my entire years of living in Japan, I have never experienced ants coming into my room. It is normal for a building to not to have small holes, and a building with gaps is a defective house. We rarely dropped garbage outside, and the environment was not conducive to ants.

In the U.S., however, food is often dropped outside, and buildings are often defective in Japanese terms, so ants can come in from anywhere. I got the impression that the people who live there take it for granted that ants will appear, and they don’t make a fuss about it. I think a society that allows ants to come out is a refreshing society that doesn’t care about details, but it also looks like a loose society that doesn’t care much about crime or breaking rules.

In fact, I often find things to be dirty in the US. For example, the cars are dirty, the houses are kinda, pigsty the contractors who come to do construction work are dressed sloppily, there is a lot of trash outside, the roads are not paved very well because they are friendly to dirt, and many people don’t care about the buildings and cars because they can use them even if they are falling apart.

I have heard that crimes are more likely to occur in places where there is a lot of trash, scribbles on the walls, and dark places where people don’t stick around.

If it is the norm for society as a whole to be dirty and to use defective houses and vehicles, it makes sense that some people don’t care if there is a little crime. This is because it is the same as the fact that many people don’t care if there are some ants.

On the other hand, in Japan, there are just few people who would want to live in a defective house with holes or dropping garbage, so there is a social atmosphere where cleanliness is taken for granted. It is hard for small crimes to occur in a clean place.

Japan is a society that is too clean, making it difficult to live in for people who are loose in many ways. It is difficult to distinguish who is homeless and who is poor, and it is hard to see the poor and the needy. This makes it difficult to see who is poor or in need, but it also makes it difficult for crime to occur.

If we don’t clean up, we will have to kill ants without a second thought, and there will be more unnecessary deaths. If you look at the United States, you will see that many people die in vain. For example, gun violence is common in the U.S., but society with such a huge gap that it cannot provide education and support seems to be a society where people are dying needlessly.

I’m not saying that Japan is better, but I’ve heard that even in Japan, the cleanliness makes it hard to see crime, but perhaps that’s why there are so many suicides incidents. The fact that it is difficult to make poverty and social problems visible is also a problem, and it is probably a challenge for society as well.

However, the ants in the U.S. annoyed me a lot, so I just thought that society that tolerating ants is wrong because I was so pissed of by ants in the U.S. It was like a developing country where the streets and houses are not clean.

Ants are sometimes used as a metaphor for people who work like slaves, but in fact, ants are not all working ants, as they are quite loose and eat what they find outside by themselves or just wander around while walking.  In the story of the grasshopper and the ant, the grasshopper is the one who enjoys the moment without a plan, but in reality, there are ants like the grasshopper. Ants fight in groups when a strong enemy appears, but there are also ants that don’t want to fight. If we compare Japan to ants that work hard and plan well, I think America is like a grasshopper that is careless.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on the person. However, social safety is 100% better in Japan. In the U.S., you need to be able to act and know enough to secure your own safety, and there are many people who can’t do that due to various disparities. I feel that it is a very unstable society. However, unstable societies are not limited to the U.S. It is normal for developing countries to have unstable societies, so I think it means that the U.S. is a young country with many issues that need to be developed.

Of cource, US is storng country and it has strong weopns and  US provides high salary.

I’d like to say that I’m troubled by ants. Some people believe that ants bring money. But for me, the bring sickness and problems. I hope ai can find a better way to get rid of them and stop them from coming back, permanently.

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