Is America messier than Japan?

I’m going to write what I think,  comparing the way of living in Japan and in US.

I’m living in California, and I was surprised.  I found out  that California’s streets are messier than in Japan.  I can see trash and animal waste a lot in the street.  I wonder how people walk on the street.  I always observed walking people while I was waking.  They look like that they don’t care about it. When I walk, I sometimes jumped and I walked out of the way to avoid those dirt, trash or feces.I became a person who often looks down the streets when I walk, more than I used to do in Japan.  I wonder why the streets in the US look messy.  I personally found out some answers.

One of reasons is there are a few rainy days in California. When it rained, the streets became clean.  The same as what my car had when I was in Japan, but I found dirty cars here,which is so opposite of my car in Japan.  I learned that rain is important for our environment.

Another reason is some people dump trashes even though people can find trash box.  I saw one women put a coffee cup on the platform and she took a train. I have never seen that in Japan, so I couldn’t believe it.  Sometimes I buy starbucks coffee, but I have never dumped it after I drank it.

Finally, people in the US  don’t care much  about messy things than Japanese.  For example, American comedy shows have some messy scenes and even Disney channel too.  This messy means that Japanese and Americans have different sense of feelings. I like comedy shows but I can’t understand why comedy shows in the US often show dirty scenes.  Sometimes I got feeling bad from them.

In addition,  inside the train has messy stuffs.  Even though some people who are dirty, they sit on the seat.  I always check seats before I sit on seat.

When I  took a uber,  the uber driver told me that America is messier than in Japan.   Now, I can understand what he means.  It’s definitely true.

I enjoy living in the US, even though I find out strange things.

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