Language affects arts

Every country has a unique art because each country has different culture.Language relates to the cultures, so different languages give us different variety of arts.
Example of these arts are the Non-western art and western art.I will make a comparison between Japan and Western countries arts.

1: Western arts always use people as their subject and Japanese arts use nature because of different languages.

“Thank you” and “A Ri Ga Tou “ in Japanese almost have the same meaning. “Thank you” is “Thanks to you.” This phrase is between human to human. “A Ri Ga Tou” is derived from the word “A Ri”which means there is and “Ga Tou” means difficult things or rare situation. In other word it means not common one. This is not only use for human to human conversation, it can be used also depends to situation to situation.
Different culture,manner and habit come from language because different language makes people think in different way and it changes also the attitude or behaviour of someone. Why Western arts usually show a lot of human. Because the people use English. English is a very direct language. English countries have low context culture which is very simple communication.
People speak and people response after. If you want to tell something to someone, you can just directly tell him about it. It is very simple, so people do face-face communication.
On the other hand, Japan has high context culture, it’s means communication is not only speaking. People can communicate using sounds, colors, noise, feeling, air, temperature, body movement, hand movement, subtle mouse movement, subtle eye movement, subtle face angle and so on.

Both arts are interesting. For example Michelangelo’s Pieta.
Pieta is very realistic statue and there are two humans used in this art. This art displays reality which shows great knowledge, such as anatomy. The appearance is also great. Human expression is very realistic. It shows dignity, love and care, pain and sadness.
Pieta influenced by the low context culture and language. Art is communication between people to arts.

On the other hand, one of the famous Japanese arts is The great wave by Katsushika Hokusai.
It shows nature and it’s displays reality as well. This art speaks sadness from empty background and wave has flatten surface because it wants the viewer to imagine reality without realistic visual surface. Imagination makes people think deeply. It is a combination of dystopia and utopia because it is related to Japanese view of life and death.
Both arts show completely different meaning because culture, language, feeling, message are different.

Mega Man is also different between Japan and US.

2: Sometimes, Western arts look people fighting and Japanese arts seem to sympathize.

“Good morning” and “ O Ha Yo u” are same meaning, but original meaning is different. Good morning is “good morning to you or to someone” “O Ha yo u” is “ It is early time.” There is not human. In other wise, original meaning of “O Ha Yo u” is People saying, It is early time.
Western art usually shows something conflict among people. For example, Catholic church shows dignity, right and power by detail of appearances. Catholic church has to influence people to do the right things, so it displays a very powerful, elegant and fascinating looks. I think it also relates to western love.

On the other hand, Japanese art shows harmony, even though gold color is elegant, it shows beautiful nature and beautiful life by old trees and swirling river and a lot of empty space. It is Japanese love.

For example, Western love is very simple. Couple express their love through kissing and they are not embarrassed to show it to other people.

On the other hand there is a Japanese anime scene. A girl shows her happy face to her partner, then the music eventually becomes loud which means showing both couple feeling, and the train goes to top with beautiful nature which shows the couple’s future. A girl’s hair movement makes her look happy. Her face angle and facial expression look so kind and lovely to the boy. This is the Japanese love.
Both arts show high context culture and low context culture because of different languages.

When people watch Japanese anime and they said, why both couple don’t kiss, they should kiss now, they love, they like each other, but why?
The reason is that it is Japanese sense of beauty and it is Japanese love which come from language of high context culture.

In addition, I think English is better to debate than Japanese because English structure is very logical and simple, so people can easily understand English compare to Japanese.
Have you heard a bilingual speaker who can speak Japanese and English well? When he talks using English, his personality seems to strong and he is assertive, but when he talks using Japanese, his personality looks a quiet person or a gentle person. The reason is that English is simple and it doesn’t limit a person’s mind, it is more freedom than Japanese ,but Japanese limit his mind because Japanese grammar has respectful language, humble language and simply polite language more than English.

So, English and Japanese are totally different grammar, that’s why both cultures, arts, sense of beauty, view of death and love are totally different. Because people are motivated by their words. Like words change your mind and action, so different language change your mind and action.

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