There are a lot of frauds in the US

I received a call from anonymous before, and they asked me whether I am employed or not.

Other students also have the same experience. I have never experienced this situation in Japan. I heard that sometimes international students are targeted by criminals.

Also In the restaurant, there are some traps. When I asked for the bill I received different bill, sometimes my payment was on the other table’s bill. I can’t understand why staff did that.

Even though service is terrible, they asked for tip.

Also, I sometimes ordered foods without tomato or pickles, but they always forgot to remove them for many times. They didn’t follow my order. I had to wait for it and late for my school and the train. They didn’t say sorry as well, even though they didn’t follow my order. I didn’t ask for a  difficult order, it just removed the pickles or tomato. If they can’t, it is okay, I will eat everything, but they accepted my order. Order staffs gave a good smile even though I returned my food which include tomato because I ordered without tomato, but kitchen staffs  seem to be dissatisfied.
Also, my friends which are international students and also my classmates, can’t make a promise. For example, we were going to study together and we made promise to meet at Friday, but they canceled our schedule at Friday. If they canceled before the said day, it was Okay, but they canceled at exactly the given date . I have encountered same situation for many times.

Even sometimes classmates said I can’t make promise because I don’t know my future. I thought it is ridiculous and quibble.
Also, when I encountered house troubles, my landlord usually told me I will send someone. However, he didn’t send someone for a long time. After I called him for many times and that’s  the only time he will send someone. This process made me tired and it was a waste of time.

It was not only my landlord, also some companies service were same. I made payment for some service, but some companies forgot my orders. I asked to cancel my order, but they didn’t want to cancel and they suggested other ways. This process made me so frustrated.In addition, I was walking and then sometimes people asked me to give money. A person said that please help me, I need $10. Trust me! I have to go to the airport but I don’t have money. I will return your money. Trust me.I gave money, but he didn’t return it. I’ve never seen him anymore after that. Money amount is not problem, but telling a lie is a problem because I don’t know how I can still trust people in the US. I don’t know why I have to doubt a lot of things in the US, I only want to live peacefully and without stress.
I learned that I should not believe American services because some services seems like playing kids.
Fraud service and proper service is only a fine line.

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