Is feeding service at the school in the US weird?

I heard about feeding service at school from my teacher. When she was a student, she always ate McDonald’s burger at school. Even now some schools have provided its burger.  I couldn’t believe that because I have never eaten McDonald’s burger at school in Japan.   I wonder why schools there don’t think about children’s health.  And I thought that if I live in the US for a long time and have kids, I will worry whether my kids can grow up healthy with good environment or not.

When I was an elementary student in Japan, our lunch at school was healthier than foods that they serve in the US. We ate lunch that the school provided for us and there were milk, bread or rice, vegetables, and fruits. Those meals are prepared by School’s kitchen staff who have basic knowledge about proper food preparation. They plan the menu with right amount of calories with balanced nutrition and they strictly follow it to monitor the health condition or wellness of all students. I mean, they don’t monitor each student, but  the food menu follows the government guide. Also, If some students have allergies, cooking staff make special lunch for them. Same as parents in Japan.  Even at home, they prepare nutritious food and healthy balance diet meal to their kids. They see to it that their kid’s food was healthy though they are not professional. Likewise, my mother always think what kind of food should we eat in a day?   I think children and parents in the US don’t have enough knowledge to manage their health. This means most of the children there seem to be in danger by eating lunch at school.   America likes freedom and I like it, too.  But let’s not forget that we can’t live a happy life without being healthy.  Freedom and health are related to each other.  For example, if you are sick or worsen your health problems through food. As a result, you will stay at the hospital for a long time. Maybe you will not leave the hospital immediately. Is this what they call freedom? It’s not freedom at all.   I wonder why Americans think theoretically in a way, but on the other hand, they don’t have it. For example, they like discussion and debate. But according to my observations, I think they lack of discipline, like they still eat their favorite foods even though it’s unhealthy. Also, some people focus  keeping their healthy lifestyle, but they love to focus on it too much like they go to the gym every day or they eat only organic food. It looks an extreme act to me.  I think some organic food there are not tasty.  My reason is I think some organic food don’t have enough nutrition. I eat tomato very often, but organic tomato in the US are not delicious.  I doubt some organic food, whether they have enough nutrition or not. I think tasty organic vegetables are healthy food.  When I was an elementary student, I grow up a tomato at home. I know if they don’t have enough nutrition to grow up, they won’t be tasty.

So, I have encountered  difficulties, such as  food  which  I found not normal in the US but, I found a lot of food in the US that I have never seen in Japan. I’m enjoying every day from now.

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