There are a lot of dangerous situations in America

Sideshow blocks lanes on Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge

When my friend was using his cellphone at the bus, a robber suddenly appeared in front of him and stole it. He couldn’t shout and move because of shock.
Also, my other friend’s laptop lost at the school. The school is not safe place in the US as well.
Another buddy had a bad experience also, his bike was stolen by someone and the thief hasn’t caught yet.
In addition, other friends who were living with other people at the same house and recently, a new roommate shared house with them but he didn’t pay his monthly apartment fee for 2 months and finally he disappeared without paying. My friends suffered to pay the apartment fee for their new roommate who are missing in action now.
I saw a news about driving race on Oakland-San Francisco and it is very dangerous. I know some people do car racing in Japan, but they don’t want to make trouble, so they don’t do race on the bridge or national road. However, in the America they did it everywhere and so people in Japan and America have different attitude.

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レスポンシブ 広告


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