What I understood about America is its dirtiness.

Restrooms are disgustingly filthy. And imagine the griminess inside the train that you see every time you ride, such as  trash, smell, light, stain, homeless people and so on.

There are a lot of cars which look old already and totally abuse.  Some cars get rusted, some parts are broken down and it fact they are dangerous not only for the people but also for the environment.
Also, I know there are a lot of different nationalities, but people seemed to make irresponsible acts.
For example, I ordered salad without tomato, but they still put tomato every time. Their customer service is sometimes  good but most of the time is quiet annoying. One time  I bought  regular burger which doesn’t have tomato the crew mistook my order and gave me a burger with tomato. I’m so pleased in that kind of situation of course . But most of the time I’m so disappointed because I just want to eat what I ordered. Some staffs don’t usually follow my order and maybe they don’t listen very well when they take orders, which is really unusual.
One time, I went to a small bakery shop and I wanted to use my credit card, but the store card reader was broken also the coffee machine. They tried to fix the coffee machine, but it has  some dust. I was worried to eat their bread because of dust. I have allergy to dust.  Also they made some sandwich without wearing mask.  It seemed so unhygienic.

And one of the surprising things is the tattoo. Some people have weird and funny Kanji tattoo. I didn’t know why some people have those kind of tattoos without knowing the real meaning.

In  America, there are a lot of old things and needs to be fixed such as expressway, road, train etc. So, I was worried to take America’s air plane because of a lot of American bad habit. Also, I don’t want to use Hospital in America and if I need to go to hospital, I will go to Japan as much as I can.

Anyway, One thing I like about America is that  I don’t need to take care or pay attention about my clothes and hair style unlike in Japan, it was really tired.

レスポンシブ 広告
レスポンシブ 広告


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